The Textbook of Traditional Japanese Medicine Online Publication in English and Japanese

日本伝統医学テキスト The Textbook of Traditional Japanese Medicine (click here)

CherryIn the West, while the popularity of Traditional Japanese Medicine (Kampo and Acupuncture) is on the rise, availability of educational/informational resources on the subject is still limited.

Today, I feel privileged to introduce, the “Textbook of Traditional Japanese Medicine (Kampo and Acupuncture)” online publication in English and Japanese, thanks to the principle researcher, Prof. Makoto Arai, Department of Kampo Medicine, Tokai University School of Medicine, Japan, who made this publication available for public viewing. As you will see, a great number of eminent Japanese Kampo specialists and Japanese acupuncture specialists contributed to the textbook, which was the Japanese government funded project.

『The contents are research products of “Research on the standardisation of traditional Japanese medicine promoting integrated medicine (Principal Investigator; Makoto Arai)” subsidised by the Health and Labour Sciences Research Grant 2010-2011, Japan.』

I am sure that the textbook will be useful for English (and Japanese) speaking people who are interested in Traditional Japanese Medicine.

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